Works rapidly in the browser
The web version of the terminal allows you to perform any type of trading operations online: updates quotes in real time, gives an access to the trading operations history and indicators for making technical analysis.

Always up-to-date version - forget about downloads and installations. Quick start of real trading and instant transition to account replenishment. A perfect solution for beginners.
Access from any place
The mobile terminal version is designed specifically for active trading and maximum freedom. Trade with pleasure from anywhere with the mobile terminal. Full list of features as in the " big " version of the program. Install your mobile app from the official store.
Trading platform
Use the software package to work effectively at the stock exchange. Get a high-quality stream of quotes and a convenient personal trading account for full control over the accounts.

The platform has a built-in order execution system and protects your data from unauthorized access — all information is available only for you.

Start working right now - evaluate the possibilities of working in your own account at the trader's terminal.